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case studies 


Financial Chart

Challenge: Client is a disruptor in the non-profit economic development space. I developed their social brand from scratch, creating a social strategy geared towards exposure, designed graphics, and implemented an editorial calendar for all their social channels.

Solution: As their Social Media Manager, I built their brand kit, created a sharp social strategy geared towards exposure, designed and disseminated corresponding social media graphics tailored towards promoting their events, webinars, announcements, and a new membership model.

Results: Client #1 experienced tremendous growth, garnering 600+ followers within four months and a 6% MoM increase in social traffic across all channels.


Going for a Walk

Challenge: Client is a niched online magazine tailored towards providing parents with thought-leadership in the parenthood and education realm. Client needed full-time social media strategy support and management.

Solution: I was hired as their Marketing Lead to develop a strategy that curated popular parenting topics, enlisted authors with expertise to write stories, design corresponding social media graphics, and build/manage a full editorial calendar complete with this strategy, copywriting, graphics, and hashtags for their existing social channels.

Results: Client #2 is now a well-known online magazine contending with global brands twice their age. Client #2 experienced a considerable uptick in social views and impressions across their social channels, averaging 2.9 million monthly views during my tenure.